2NE1 to Release “Falling In Love” in Japan on August 21st!

「FALLING IN LOVE」(Korean ver.) 8/21 (Wednesday) release !

The much-awaited new song from 2NE1, “Falling In Love (Korean ver.)”, which already swept the distribution sites in Korea, will finally start distribution in Japan also on August 21 (Wed)! On Recochoku, iTunes, and in addition to that, on ChakuUta, ChakuUtaFull, the music video will also be distributed!

***Note: Just to clear up things. The original version of 2NE1’s “Falling In Love” will be released on August 21 in Japan. It is not a Japanese version. It is still the same version of ‘Falling In Love’ but it will just a digital release in Japan.

Source: 2NE1’s Official Japanese Site
Translated by by: kyacchan88@ygladies.com
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